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An international NGO, Verité came to Japan and Energetic Green held several events on March.


March 22nd
Seminar “What companies do for Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games? The UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 and Technical Intern Training Program”

March 23rd
Seminar “Training seminar for TITP trainees accepting companies”

March 24th
Meeting with government officials


More than 40 people participated in the seminar on 22nd. The seminar contents are written below:

Session 1: Overview of the UK Modern Slavery Act. By Mr. Takeshi Shimotaya (Sustainavision Ltd., CEO)

Session 2: Tokyo Olympic/Paralympics and Technical Intern Training Program. By Ms. Lydia Long and Mr. Enrico Bagadion (Verité Southeast Asia)

Session 3: Ethical Recruitment and Corporate Social Responsibility. By Ms. Noriko Kiyotani (The International Organization for Migration Japan Program Manager)

Session 4: Trend in the UK and the risk for Japanese companies. By Ms. Kate Larsen (Unseen Initiative/Human Rights Watch) Documents

In the seminar, presenters explained the overview of the Modern Slavery Act, Japan’s situation mentioning the TITP issue called as slavery, how to deal with these issue, and the world’s trend.

Some participants said they learned a lot from the seminar, andit was a great success.


On 23rd, Energetic Green held a seminar for TITP accepting companies and companies which were planning to accept TITP worker. From Verité, Lydia Long, Daryll Delgado, and Coco Bagadion facilitated the seminar. There are case studies and discussion time, and it was really a practical seminar.

TEIJIN LIMITED provided us the meeting room for 22nd and 23rd. Allow us to use this opportunity to offer our thanks.


On 24th, Lydia, Daryll(Verité) and Energetic Green met with government officials. Lydia and Daryll talked Japanese companies’ CSR, global view on TITP, global trend about supply chain CSR.


Energetic Green will continue to work hard. Please feel free to ask anything.