Fact-Finding Survey (Social Audit)

Adjust the fact of supply-chain though gathering information inside the company, hearing survey, アンケートイメージand distributing Self Assessment Questionnaire to plants including business partners’. Meanwhile, construct audit management system, including making manual and audit flow.

Energetic Green provides questionnaire for audit in multi-language.
From high-priority plant, an auditor who got training of SA8000 will visit the plant all over the world, and conduct social audit.


☆Social Audit Flow


  • Documentation—Confirm human resource management from company’s rule, attendance sheet, pay slips, etc.
  • Workers interview—search the real working conditions and environment through interview in their mother language
  • Work site check—Walk through the factory and workers’ dormitory, see safety and health, management.
  • Management Interview—Search management situation through interview for factory manager and HR manager.
  • Show the audit result to factory managers.

More than 10 country, 180 factories Energetic Green audited so far. After audit, analyze issue and formulate plans for solution.