Foreign workers

Energetic Green support communication between foreign workers and accepting companies.


☆Supervising organization/Implementing organization面接立ち合い

We provide management consulting for managers who hire foreign workers.

In emergency situations, we support in the workers’ mother language.

Energetic Green explain managers clearly how to manage foreign workers, their cultural background, related laws, etc. After accepting workers, we support working environment through information update, giving consult and so on.

Example ”Construct the system to use Technical Intern Training Program”

送り出しで研修It takes more arrangement to hire foreign TITP worker than Japanese. Managers have to understand Japanese law correctly, explain foreign workers clearly, and support their daily life. Promoting communication and building good relationship between foreign workers and managers make ideal working conditions.

☆Sending organization

We have communicated with government in several Asian countries, and research sending organizations.

Issues related to migrant workers like high fee for entering to Japan, duplicated contract, sometimes result in disappearance and crime. Energetic Green introduce ethical sending organization and support stable hiring.